Darren Mead decided to rebrand his company with an updated branding suite and marketing material. In order for his business to develop a wider clientele he required a modern and contemporary branding suite.


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design story.

This brand design was so much fun. When a client knows what they want and it's not  the exact same as the ten sites you just finished, and has inspiration from fun sources you haven't gotten to use yet? Well, you know a designer is excited.

When we start every project, I ask my clients so what websites bring you back time and time again for visual inspiration. It could be their favorite clothing line, blogger, etc. Well Eliza immediately sent me these amazing Italian Fitness sites and I was drooling.  It had a bit of fun, a bit of edge, and together with making a personable, and friendly site I knew the direction we were going to be headed. New neutrals, in shades of a purply navy grey (almost slate-like), and a mossy green, combined with a dark charcoal black and calm beige bring color into an almost completely neutral palette.


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