Get Organised!

Getting organised is easier said than done! It all takes time and you have to start by becoming strict with your time. There are always ways that you can work out in saving minutes and let's face it, minutes saved will add up to a hour spare.

The Creative Avenue work by creating a weekly to do list that covers smaller tasks of our long term goals. There are always design slots that are kept and filled with clients as they are the major part of the business. Slots for the development of the Creative Avenue as well as new adventures and discussion times are all included as each part allows the business to run smoothly and efficiently.

When organising a weekly to do list it is important to include all areas and to be realistic on timing. This is important because I am sure that you have been in that meeting or been talking on the phone that was expected to be only a 20 minute conversation, but it ended up to be a lot longer. So now suddenly the rest of the to do list is running behind and this means to work longer hours or choose to put it off for another day!

Set a time!
If you explain from the beginning of arranging the phone call or meeting that you will be available between two times. This will help you organise your time and it will also be beneficial to their time. They have other things to do as well.

Inform the other person what you will be discussing and ask them to give you areas that they would like to discuss. That way you will be accomplishing what is set out to be accomplished, resulting in saving time.

Squash the 5 minute jobs!
There are always loads of the little 5 minute jobs that need doing. So squash them all together and fit them in a hour slot. These tend to end up with being left undone so to get organised get a timer and try to accomplish each job in 5 minutes or have everyone pick a little job and then have a bit of fun between you all and build that team work!

Think ahead!
Always arrived early and have a few minutes spare for a clients meeting, take along your sketch book to get those ideas down.  It's always amazing when those ideas spring to mind isn't it, when you least expect them too. Every little second and minutes count! When you start to get into the habit of organising your weekly to do list and making use of all those free minutes, you will start to see goals being accomplished.

Your job!
You have chosen that being a freelancer and owning your own business is your job! Excitement and eagerness hits you 100% when you begin! Many freelancers might agree here when I say that it is the most difficult job working at home. It is very easy to fall into the trap of not getting up and getting ready for work as you hear yourself say it's alright to sit here no one will see me!
It's your job! You would not turn up to work in your pyjamas, would you?

Four things to do!

  1. Set your alarm and get ready for work. It makes you fresh and alert to tackle the day!
  2. Dedicate a set number of work hours. You don't need to work all hours if you have organised yourself wisely!
  3. Turn off all those distractions! No television! No more social media sites unless it is for business and in a weekly slot.
  4. Research events or places and book them into your weekly to do list. Then get away from behind that desk and go meet people! It's a great marketing strategy!

But don't stop there you can always have monthly to do lists. The Creative Avenue loves lists! That way minds are free and can focus 100% on the task at hand whilst the business continues to run effectively and organised!

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Weekly To-Do List

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