Review: Re-Fresh Planner 2017


Let's all refresh! 

There is something so refreshing about the start of a new beginning, no matter if it is a new year, month, week or day. We all need and enjoy that feeling, that we get, when we have that new planner in front of us. It gives us a positive vibe to start the new year off with! 

Well thankfully, jlynndesignery has designed a beautiful #RefreshWeeklyPlanner for 2017. So as the owner of The Creative Avenue, I know I will be having that positive feeling as well as my business will be well organised! Check it out to get yours!

I saw and loved the sneak peaks from jlynndesignery on Instagram which is why the purchase was made! However, after receiving the planner I have to say the details in person are even more unbelievably beautiful than the sneak peak!

Now let's focus on the details that make the planner so great! There are two beautiful new chic patterns to keep you organised all year round. One is called the 'Pink Plus Pattern' and the other one is 'Gray + Gold Agate. The choice is yours, but I decided to go for the Pink Plus Pattern one, as it just instantly appealed to me, as I have always had that feminine side that takes over when it comes to personal touches.

When you are purchasing the planner, the choice of colour will be the only hardest decision to make. This is because as soon as you hear about the rest of the planner, I can guarantee you will instantly want one!

The planners have beautiful clean cover designs which are created on hard covers with gold plated corners for protection. Wow! Even more protection for your refresh weekly planner that will keep it looking great all year round! That is something that really appeals to me as I am sure that other designers will agree that a designer is obsessed by perfection! The planner is bound by a beautiful gold ringed wire binding and a perfectly portable size, ready for any on-the-go lifestyle. That means you can stay stylishly organised no matter where your day takes you! 

Now to cover the purpose of the planner, it is as functional as it is beautiful. It has many features such a yearly overview, monthly layout and weekly spread. The whole of the inside layout allows you to focus on whats important as well as very interesting and inspiration quotes on every weekly spread, which is brilliant to keep you motivated as the weeks go by! There are plastic coated, colour-coded tabs for each month, which just helps to easily flick to that month quickly which is so important when you are on the phone booking in your clients deadlines. The weekly sections allows you to plan ahead and be productive, which is essential in business as well as everyday life.

For any business owner who has short term goals to keep the business running efficiently, there is even a feature that allow for quarterly goal-setting. That's not all, as the planner has a notebook built into the back of the planner, that includes both lined and grid-style pages. As the owner of The Creative Avenue, I am always taking notes and jotting down ideas throughout the year, so this is a big plus for me. All dates, notes and ideas all in one place what more could a entrepreneur want!

Now it does not even stop there, when it arrives you open the white cardboard packaging, to find the planner, has been protected and surrounded by shredded paper with the planner placed in the middle within a plastic sleeve. Right there on top, I received a personalised note to me due to being a plan-bassador along with a handwritten tag. So the packaging is just as aesthetic as the planner and all at a reasonable price! 

I would say I really can't wait for the year to end so I can open up a brand new #RefreshWeeklyPlanner. Although, that would not be true! Why wait for the year to end? Getting organised in plenty of time is essential! Well that's my excuse anyway! I have never been good on waiting when something is so beneficial to my business. I have already started to fill in some target goals and gather my ideas! 

So now the Creative Avenue is now taking bookings for 2017!

Check out jlynndesignery who created these planners! Here is a note from the lady herself!

"What do I SO LOVE about the 2017 edition of the #RefreshWeeklyPlanner?! (Um, so many things...) But especially the inclusion of GOAL PLANNING in this year's planner!!! 😍😍 An entire section near the front of the planner is dedicated to helping you record and track your goals every quarter, no matter what they are. The goal section guides you through breaking down those big ol' goals into bite-sized action steps so you stay on track all year long." - Jenna

The 2017 Refresh Weekly Planner is available at Go and get yours now! 📖🖊🎉

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about the 2017 refresh weekly planner contact the lovely